Domaine des Elephants - Touraine, Loire
Elephants? In France? I'll explain. Some years ago a wealthy lady moved to the area after living in India. She brought with her two large porcelain elephants that were placed at the entrance to her house. The road became known locally as Route des Elephants, and this later became the official name of the road. This road leads to the vineyard. So, no elephants are used in the production of the wine !

The Loire valley is famous for its great Chateau. The stone used to build them was mined in the local hills, these mines were later used for growing mushrooms, and are perfect for storing wine ! Domaine des Elephants has its own network of underground stone galleries, just like the Champagne houses of Reims.

The Sauvignon is a personal favourite. If you like NZ Marlborough, you will like this !