Chateau Nozieres
Olivier is the winemaker. It was his grandfather who started making wine at Chateau Nozieres. Olivier jokes that he still tries to offer advice. Olivier's parents keep busy dealing with the constant flow of customers turning up to taste, chat and buy, as well as helping with the wine production. All three generations still live on the Estate.

Chateau Nozieres is about a half hour or so drive West of the old town of Cahors. For a wine to be called "Cahors" it must contain at least 70% Malbec grape, and is therefore always red. Cahors is also known as the "Black Wine" due to the deep dark and rich colour of Malbec. It is sometimes blended with other grape varieties such as Merlot to soften the natural tannins. The Chateau Nozieres main wine has 15% Merlot, and the premium L'Elegance is 100% Malbec.

In addition to the Cahors Malbec red wines, they also produce a great white wine called Clin d'Oeil, which roughly translates as "cheeky wink". Although made on the same estate it cannot be called "Cahors" as it is white, so it is officially a Cotes du Lot. Made from half Chardonnay and half Sauvignon Blanc, it has the best of both worlds. The clean crispness of the Sauvignon Blanc, with the flavour of Chardonnay. Lovely !