Chateau Bizard

Chateau Bizard is in the area of Grignan Les Adhemar. This is good, as if it was in one of the more famous Rhone neighbours such as Chaeauneuf Du Pape, the wine would be much more expensive. Tucked down a small country road the estate has been renovated and revitalised by the owner Mr Marc Lepine. It had been in his family for some years but had become divided and neglected. As a child, he often visited the estate, and at a time of life when most people are considering retirement, he embarked on renovations and establishing it as a quality vineyard. In addition to wine, the estate has also grown mulberry trees for silk production, and still grows Lavender and some fruit trees. Also within the grounds are almond trees and grazing sheep!

Vincent oversees wine production. Most of the vines are planted in rows running North to South to provide minimal resistance to the strong Mistral wind that could damage them. Le Mistral also ventilates the vines preventing fungal disease. Above the estate sits Montagne de Raucoule, which lends its name to the main red wine.