Who we are

My name is Roger Lewis. For many years I was in business in an area totally unrelated to wine, urological medical equipment. On a visit to a restaurant with my wife, I ordered a bottle of wine that should have been good, but was remarkably bad. I decided that I could do better. Combining my liking of both wine and driving around France, I created Levicta Wines.

What we do

We source wines that we have tried, tasted and enjoyed. We only import directly from vineyards and producers. I will have met the wine producer and probably visited the vineyard. They are wines that I would buy and drink myself. They are not the cheapest, but they are certainly not the most expensive. We do not stock a large range, in fact we deliberately keep our wine list as short as possible. We do not stock wine from more than one producer in any particular area or appellation. If we stock a wine, it will be drinkable and enjoyable, that is the whole point of Levicta Wines. Every wine that we have decided to stock has not just been tasted once or twice, bottles will have been drunk over dinners. It will have been tried by friends, relatives, serious wine buffs, and non-serious wine quaffers. A decision to stock a wine has been very carefully considered, but there will of course be a significant element of my own personal taste involved. We are not selling "high end" wines with prestige labels, just wines that we enjoy.

We supply wholesale to restaurants, hotels, retail outlets etc, and also attend food and drink festivals and markets with tastings and sales by the bottle and case. We do not have a shop or warehouse that can be visited by customers.